Our Philosophy

At Henua we have turned traditional skincare’s ingredients list on its head and only included the most potent, active botanical ingredients. Nothing more.

No water, no fillers.

Scandinavia is home to world’s cleanest nature, purest air and brightest water. The forests offer a treasure trove of unique natural ingredients that are used in medicine, wellbeing and beauty. Of those ingredients we only pick the most potent, science-backed active compounds to our formulas. Against this backdrop Henua has created a sustainable range of face and body care that pays homage to simple Nordic luxury and ecological standards without compromising an ounce of efficacy.

The products are formulated into a base of Nordic active ingredients like birch sap and get their strength from best naturals like berries and plant extracts. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants the range doesn’t include anything extra, only actives.

Beautifully sustainable.

As a company, we give back and participate in our community through outreach projects. We believe this radiates our product philosophy outwards and allows us to live our values. 

We want to make our waterless formulas transparent and sustainable, printing the ingredients into our recycled cardboard packages also in English. We choose the ingredients with the aim to offer a holistic experience to the senses, beauty inside and out. 

Nothing more, but more than enough.


How do we create true beauty?

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