Sustainable Beauty Trends Translate to Beautiful, Sustainable Reality

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Focus on sustainability is more important than ever. Whether it is ecological, ethical or social sustainability, practises that we adopt as consumers as well as corporations impact our surroundings more and more.


To obtain true sustainability we must start with transparency. After all, without knowing the impacts of our choices, we cannot make them better. At Henua we believe that it is not enough to use the best organic and natural ingredients. We must also ensure that our customers know and understand exactly what the products consist of. Not just saying, but transparently acting according to our values.


That is why we made the choice from the very beginning that we print ingredient names in plain english into our packaging. Not just the latin descriptions but honest and transparent terms, that speak to the origin and true content of the ingredient. For example: prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond oil).


The sweet almond oil is also a great example of an ingredient that we highlight in our packaging to be an ingredient sourced through organic farming. In addition to individual ingredients, we also state how much of the total product is of natural origin. Like in our Beautifying Toner 98% - with the remaining 2% being preservatives that are approved for eco certified products and are crucial to ensure the safety of products.


The difference between organic and natural ingredients is prominent to us since while using only natural ingredients is great, we believe that organic ingredients provide even more potent results both for the skin in the form of more powerful nutrients as well as the environment. In fact, some of our ingredients are beyond even traditional organic farming, as some of them like lingonberry seed oil is derived from wild lingonberries - no farming needed whatsoever, but merely utilising the incredible berries that nature provides us.


All this is supercharged with the fact that our products are waterless. No watering down the effect of nature, but instead ensuring the most potent formula possible. In no product have we compromised with performance. Sustainability and efficacy can co-exist.


All this goodness is wrapped into packaging that is created out of cardboard that is re-recycled. And the products themselves are in glass containers to avoid plastic waste. For us as Finns this is very natural, after all we are a country where recycling is part of our DNA, not an additional step we must take. In fact, a mere 1% of waste in Finland goes to landfills.


All of this contributes to the core beliefs around which the entire brand of Henua is built around: the enjoyment of life in what we call a Henua Moment, when every aspect of life is on balance. Beauty is a holistic experience. And while the product life cycle choices are a crucial part of us delivering that enjoyment, we have also made some concrete choices in our formulation to ensure all-around wellbeing. We have for example added essential oils that not only work on skin, but also increase our positivity or energy overall. 


A moment of enjoyment for us is also embodied in our annual community outreach project. This year we have made a donation to the John Nurminen Foundation, which works to ensure the protection of the invaluable Baltic Sea that surrounds our native Finland.


Only through these kinds of sustainable choices can we create true beauty.

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Me Henualla uskomme, että vain kestävän kehityksen periaatteita noudattamalla voidaan luoda todellisia hyvän olon kauneustuotteita. Siitä syystä filosofiamme tuotteiden, raaka-aineiden, pakkausten ja toimintamme läpinäkyvyys on meille ensiarvoisen tärkeää. Tuotteissamme kerrotaan mitä ne sisältävät ja paljonko maallikon termein. Pakkaamme tuotteemme lasipulloihin muovin sijasta ja myös ulkopakkaukset on valmistettu jo kertaalleen kierrätetystä kartongista. Tavoitteemme on kokonaisvaltainen hyvinvointi, siksi tuotteemme sisältävät myös mielialaan vaikuttavia eteerisiä öljyjä. Luonnon raaka-aineiden hyödyntämisen lisäksi olemme myös tukeneet tänä vuonna John Nurmisen säätiötä, joka työskentelee Itämeren luonnon turvaamisen hyväksi.