Henua is a Finnish word, rooted deep in northern folklore and used still today to describe a a feeling of wellbeing, enjoyment and happiness. These qualities in mind, we set out to develop a skincare range so pure, so balanced and so luxurious, that it would enable everyone to feel that blissful Henua moment every day.

Our search for bliss began when our founder Jenni´s skin started to react to chemicals in her skincare products. What was meant to bring health and a moment of enjoyment to her turned into a struggle to find products that would only nourish and help her skin. Even though she had worked with cosmetics for 15 years it was only then she started to pay attention to what ingredients skincare products have – and what they don´t have.

With a degree already in cosmetology, she decided to broaden her expertise by studying organic skincare. Through her studies the idea was born to set out to create a range so pure and natural, it only had the active ingredients needed and so luxurious, it only had the best ingredients available.

Growing up in Finland she was naturally already aquatinted with the botanicals the nature there provides. The cleanest and most potent ingredients in the world had been used in a myriad of ways for generations before her. Together with her sister Anu they grew up watching their grandmother gather berries and put them into use in the kitchen and the garden. These superfoods growing in the Finnish forests had always been taken for granted.

Anu is the business acumen behind Henua. With her successful entrepreneur background she saw the opportunity to harness the powerful Nordic ingredients in skincare and build a brand that was so unique and so Finnish, it would set a new standard to Scandinavian luxury.

Together they set out find the best Finnish manufacturers and designers to help craft their idea of simple luxury into skincare reality. Now the products are manufactured in Finland, where every jar is filled with only the best natural actives that care and nourish skin.

And so Henua was born. Out of ambition to create the best possible skincare, with authenticity to the founders´ Finnish roots, and with humble honesty to what the products include.

Nothing more, but more than enough.