Image: VisitRovaniemi

Numerous studies show yoga’s benefits: it offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. And, if you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of your treatment and potentially hasten healing. 

Reindeer symbolize wisdom, resourcefulness, cleverness, knowledge, creativity, inventiveness and cleverness. They are honored for their nobility and representing continuation of the tribe.

Reindeer teaches perseverance, endurance and strength. He teaches the power of adaptability in adversity and tenacity to get things accomplished. Reindeer shows how to call upon both male and female qualities that you possess. Reindeer will aid in spiritual transition, communication and social abilities. It is about movement, finding inner peace and your place as you journey through life.

When you combine these two, only miraculous experience is about to take place.

Kujalan porotila (reindeer farm in northern Finland) offers Easy yoga in the nature surrounded by reindeer. Gentle, peaceful, body-stretching yoga poses combined to the benefits of nature right in the heart of the reindeer farm.  Practice emphasizes yoga's focus on union between beings; helps establish a pack mentality.

image: Kujalan porotila