*Finnish translation at the end of the post/suomenkielinen käännös lopussa.

More is not always more. Especially when it comes to skincare.

In recent years we have seen an increasing amount of skincare products added to our daily routine. It is a form of pride to boast an impossible amount of facial products in the search of the elusive glass skin. Layers are meant to bring moisture, sheen, nourishment and glow but behind the polished instagram pictures they might also bring side effects.

Adding multiple layers of skin care is not unproblematic due to their layering on top of each other which might cause clogged pores. And mixing different chemicals that are not tested to be used together can in the worst case cause actual skin reactions, rash, impurities and redness. No wonder that a counter trend has been emerging for some time now.


We call it skinimalism. 

The idea is simple - pun unintended. Instead of using multiple products, use as little as possible. However, the idea is far from new. In fact, dermatologists have recommended only one or two products forever. It is a tried and tested method that is better for your skin.

But in fact, it is not just about decluttering the pile of skin care products you have on the shelf. It is also about letting skin play the leading role in your beauty routine: not layering on makeup and foundation to cover it, but rather keeping also the makeup routine on top of the skin care products simple and clean.


Why, you may ask, should you give up on tried and tested routines? What’s in it for me?

Simply put, skin needs a rest, it needs to breathe, and it needs to restore its natural health. If we constantly disrupt that process with products that alter skin's natural regeneration mechanism, we might end up doing more harm than good, to a point where the skin no longer knows how to properly restore itself.

Skin is smart. It knows how to balance itself naturally, as long as we take care of its moisture needs especially during cold months or when in climates where we are constantly indoors in air-conditioned spaces. Providing just what it needs, not anything more, helps skin utilize its own intelligence.

While all skin types will benefit from practicing minimalism on their skin, it is especially beneficial for acne prone or sensitive skin. Simplifying the skin care routine will help prevent any overreactions and support skin’s ability to repair and rejuvenate on its own.

While the trend might have really gained momentum due to the global pandemic that locked us all inside and made us lazy with makeup, we can see it carrying on well into the future as more and more people notice that not only they will save time, money and bathroom cabinet space but how great their skin looks and feels after a product detox!


Lyhyesti suomeksi

Ihonhoidon trendikkäin termi tällä hetkellä on “Skinimalism”, eli minimalistinen ihonhoito. Trendin idea on yksinkertainen; yksinkertaistaa iholle päivittäin levitettävä tuotearsenaali. Vuosia kauneudenhoitoihanne on ollut korealaistrendin mukaisesti levittää lukuisia kerroksia eri seerumeita ja voiteita iholle. Eri tuotemerkkien koostumukset kuitenkin kerrostuvat päällekäin ja saattavat saada herkän ihon reagoimaan voimakkaastikin. Älykkäät tuotteet yhdistävät tehoaineet yhteen koostumukseen, jolloin yksinkertainen rutiini ja vain yhden tuotteen levittäminen iholle, tuo samat tehot mutta ilman ei-toivottuja haittavaikutuksia.