Since ancient times, people have been believing that our insides are our power center. The place where our strength consists of and can help us tap into our best potential.

The Finnish word SISU is not directly translatable. But it can be understood at the surface in English as will, determination, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Sisu is extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity, and courage that is presented typically in situations where success is unlikely. It expresses itself in taking action against the odds, and displaying courage and resoluteness in the face of adversity; in other words, deciding on a course of action, and then adhering to it even if repeated failures ensue. It is in some ways similar to equanimity, though sisu entails an element of grim stress management. - wikipedia

The word was popularized during the famous Winter War of 1939-1940, when the Finnish persevered in the face of the invasion by the Soviet Union. Even today, the ability to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually survive and thrive during the cold climate's long, dark winters takes some serious sisu.

SISU is an action-oriented mindset. You don’t brag about having sisu; you just let your actions do the talking.

You can use SISU as the basis for leading an active and healthy life, use it to help you overcome difficulties, achieve your goals and it might even help you find happiness. Simple put There is nothing that can stop you.

We all have SISU, It just comes down to our own decision if you apply it or not in your everyday lives.