Lingonberry supercharges your skincare routine 

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In the fall Finnish forests fill up with nature's precious harvest. After a summer filled with sunlight almost around the clock, the berries that ripen are packed with great flavor as well as powerful nutrients. The intensity of the arctic seasons supercharges them into small, but powerful sources of wellness for both skin and body. 

The slightly sour superberry that is dotting the greenery with red in the Finnish wilderness is called lingonberry. Like all Arctic plants, it too develops exceptionally high levels of various active plant compounds that have all kinds of benefits to our skin, metabolism, immune system and so on. Lingonberries contain A, B, C, E and K vitamins, fiber that helps digestion and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and potassium.

For years now, research has shown that lingonberry is a potent addition to skincare routines as well as diet. The nutrients are exceptionally suitable for boosting our skin's own functions:

Lingonberry seed oil is exceptionally high in essential linoleic acids, and in tocotrienol with strong antioxidant activity. Antioxidants are the actives that protect our skin from external irritants. The red color of lingonberries comes from anthocyanins, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits too. Double the effect for healthier skin!

Arctic lingonberries also contain high quantities of fruit acids that help with skin cell turnover and skin regeneration. Dull or grey skin may be caused by the slow process of skin cell turnover. Lingonberries speed up that process and help complexion look fresh and dewy!

Hydration and nourishment

Lingonberry seed oil improves the skin’s hydration making skin smoother and younger looking. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in lingonberries help to reduce water loss significantly and many actives in the lingonberry seed oil act as antioxidants, blocking free radicals that can damage skin. Both functions are crucial in maintaining skin’s protective barrier which in turn locks the moisture into the skin.

Hydration is the very foundation of healthy and supple skin that maintains its glowy appearance. By adding hydration to the skin AND protecting our skin barrier that in turn locks the moisture onto the skin, lingonberry delivers on both fronts - naturally.

Anti-aging effects

Arctic lingonberries also help with skin elasticity. The high antioxidant quotient in Arctic lingonberries protects skin from external factors that contribute to aging, like pollution, toxins, and impurities. 

A study conducted in 2013 showed that lingonberry seed oil improves the skin’s hydration and induces skin changes that correlate to anti-ageing. In the three month test period 30 women used lingonberry seed oil daily and saw both significant hydration as well as significant elasticity increase during the trial period. The study also saw slight improvement in lightening age spots on skin.

Even skin tone

The powerful berries are also known for their skin caring and inflammatory ability. To top it off, they’re full of vitamin E, which inhibits melanin synthesis in the skin and lets your skin look even and smoother. If you are looking to lighten dark spots or even help heal acne scars, the Arctic lingonberry is a powerful ingredient to sek out.

It also has a preventative effect, helping to reduce the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation and age spots. The effect is caused by lingonberry’s ability to help inhibit melatonin production. Studies have also shown that it both helps skin to protect itself from UV damage and recover from it.

Lingonberry’s ability to promote skin renewal makes it an excellent addition to any skin care routine. Helping skin to naturally rejuvenate lights up a healthy glow that is difficult to fake. When you add the powerful hydration effect and top it off with this berry’s ability to help prevent and lighten age spots, this natural wonder is a natural addition to your skincare regime.

Lyhyesti suomeksi

Suomen metsissä kasvaa syksyllä kesän keskiyön auringon vauhdittamina supermarjoja, jotka ovat täynnä vitamiineja ja hivenaineita. Puolukka on pienestä koostaan huolimatta pullollaan A, B, C, E ja K-vitamiineja sekä antioksidantteja, jotka sekä sisäisesti että ihonhoidossa auttavat kehoamme voimaan luonnostaa paremmin.


Puolukan aktiiviaineet edistävät ihosolujen uusiutumista. Se sisältää myös ihon suojakerrosta vahvistavia antioksidantteja ja sen ominaisuuksiin kuuluu ihon kosteustasapainon säilyttäminen.


Erityisen kiinnostavaksi puolukan tekevät sen anti-age-vaikutteiset ominaisuudet. Tutkimuksissa on todettu, että puolukka auttaa ihoa säilyttämään sen elastisuuden. Se myös tasoittaa ihon sävyä. Yhdistettynä kosteuttaviin ominaisuuksiin, nämä kolme tekijää tekevät puolukasta täydellisen ikääntyvän ihon tehoaineen.