Lapuan Kankurit is a distinguished Finnish family business, celebrated for its dedication to high-quality textile manufacturing. Established in the early 20th century in the town of Lapua, this company has evolved over generations, merging traditional weaving techniques with contemporary design and sustainable practices.

Lapuan Kankurit specializes in weaving linen, wool, and cotton, producing a variety of textiles including towels, blankets, throws, scarves, and table linens. Each product is crafted with care and precision, embodying the essence of Finnish design ethos: functionality, beauty, and durability.

Sustainability is at the core of Lapuan Kankurit's philosophy. The company is committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, using only natural raw materials and certified organic fabrics. They pride themselves on a transparent supply chain, ensuring that each product not only looks good and feels good but also does good for the planet.