Our values are:
We believe in effective simplicity, less is more. Clean and fresh are in the essence of radiance. Nordic beauty stems from being authentic, real and being true to your nature.
We are strong, outspoken and ambitious individuals. We are cultured and cosmopolitan, so are our customers. Most of all, we the experts of genuine organic luxury and devoted to the pursuit of taking it around the world with pride and honesty.
Henua is from the cleanest and safest country in the World – Finland. Our nordic origins gives us the ultimate organic ingredients, bar none. We owe it to our surroundings to bring you the supreme feel of clean and safe.
Henua is the exclusive feeling of being in total harmony with yourself and the surrounding wold – the most luxurious of all feelings. It is the enchanting peace of mind when you know everything is and will be just fine. Like a loving cuddle.