It is Spring and it is Birch Sap time!

This natural beauty secret is collected by taping the tree trunk during early spring when the birch tree awakes from a deep dormant winter period..

The period for collecting the sap is short, only 2-3 months in each Spring. It has an incredible water purification system. When water filters through the tree, it draws into itself all the minerals, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins that naturally reside in the tree. That purified and supercharged water, is harvested each spring in Finland by drilling a hole to the tree and letting the sap naturally come out.The sap is super concentrated, vitamin and mineral rich, and contains all the ingredients for the birch tree to burst back into life for the short northern summer. 

To put it simply, birch sap is nature’s own supercharged vitamin water.

Birch sap is known to help cleanse and remove toxins from the body. It helps nourish the body's cells with organic acids. And for centuries, it has been enjoyed for its purifying, diuretic and strengthening properties.

So what about the beauty benefits?

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Birch sap for sure  is one of Nordic women's best kept beauty secrets!