TERVA Unisex linen-tencel bathrobe

229 €

A lightweight, quick-drying bathrobe is a practical, beautiful and environmentally friendly choice.

This product is made out of linen, Tencel and cotton. Flax is grown in Normandy, Europa and it is traceable 100% european Masters of Linen long staple linen yarn. Tencel is made from pulp and it is cellulose, lyocell fibre by Austrian company, Lenzing. The manufacturing process of tencel is closed and environmental friendly process.  All yarns are spun as well as dyed in Europe according to REACH regulations and fulfil the ÖKO-TEX certificate requirements.

Size: back length, sleeve+shoulder, chest
S: 103 cm, 69 cm, 118 cm
M: 111 cm, 75 cm, 128 cm
L: 114 cm, 78 cm, 141 cm
XL: 115 cm, 80 cm, 144 cm

Brand: Lapuan Kankurit


Made in: Finland
Material: Washed 39% European Masters of linen- linen, 43% Tencel and 18% cotton

Delicate laundry wash at 60°C in plenty of water. Wash separately. 40°C is also an adequate wash temperature. Do not use softner and bleach. Normal spin cycle. Reshape whilst damp. Linen fibres may come off the product during the wash. Check the lint filter before and after washing. The colour of natural linen becomes lighter with washing. We do not recommend tumble dryer.

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