UNCOVERING NORTHERN WELLBEING: Santa Claus comes from Finland

Images: Visit Rovaniemi

If you ask Finns where Santa Claus comes from, they will say Korvatunturi, a fell in Lapland. 

Santa Claus is, for many, the ultimate fun-loving, gift-giving, peaceful figure who wants to spread joy. The Korvatunturi fell is believed by many Finns to be the site of Santa’s secret workshop, which is a home to herds of reindeer and often covered in snow.

But since the Korvatunturi is a secret place you can´t find, the next best thing is to visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. In this popular tourist attraction (Santa Claus Village) you can meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle and experience the Christmas magic every day, year around.

So, when Santa Claus or Joulupukki as we say in Finland will soon start his long journey from Lapland, and eventhough he is known to spread the message of love and goodwill and the Christmas Spirit across the globe, there is nothing that could stop you to do the same!

Be kind to one another and also, consider supporting small businesses this holiday season.


Happy Holiday season!