UNCOVERING NORTHERN WELLBEING: Finding Creativity with Emmi Granlund


Emmi Granlund is one of those people who light up the room by just walking in. Her enormous radiance and good energy around her is contagious, and she truly is multi-talented artist in every inch of the word. 
We are very grateful for Emmi taking her precious time for answering our questions. 
1.     We’d love to hear in your own words who is Emmi Granlund. 
I’m an intuitive visual artist, holistic interior architect, feng shui student, creative director, model, musician and most of all a mother, my son is almost two years old. 
2.     What is creativity to you? 
Creativity is innovative thinking, new solutions and a way of living. It’s about listening to your inner guidance and living your truth. 
3.     Have you always been creative? 
Yes, I feel like I have. Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a colorful imagination and I’m always planning, writing or drawing.. but creativity can be something in your everyday life, how you question your reality and think about other solutions and viewpoints to your problems, not just something related to jobs in the ”creative field”. 
4.     Tell me how music manifested in your life? 
As a kid I was singing in a choir and also played the piano for years.. and recently I was told I’m always singing or humming something even though I think I’m quiet, haha! A year ago, I said it aloud to my husband that I feel like music is the highest form of art and ’I’d love to be able to write a song one day’. A week after that, on a stroll with my son, these lyrics and a melody came into me as a ”download”. I recorded them and wrote them down, and that’s how my first song ’Moment’ was born. Since then I’ve written 12 songs and counting. I’ve recorded and self-produced the raw versions at home, but I’d love to make the actual versions soon with a producer.  
5.     Do you schedule your painting sessions or do you paint when the inspiration hits you? 
I paint when I have time! As a mom your time is pretty limited, so I usually paint at night or when my son naps. I don’t paint every day, I wait for the right feeling, the urge that I HAVE to get something out of me when I start painting and get into that flow. 
6.     Has your art healed you in any way? 
Yes, definitely. Art is such a soothing way to get out of your own head, escape your thoughts or whatever you’re currently going through. The power of colors and creating with your hands can open you up in new ways, you might paint something that you didn’t even know you hold inside. The same goes with music. You surrender to the flow and let it guide you without resisting. 
7.     You’ve lived several years abroad but how do you feel scandinavia has had any impact on your creativity? 
I’ve lived many years in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the past two years in Nashville, Tennessee. Right now we’ve lived in Helsinki since May, and I’m happy to see my family and friends more often than during the past years. Of course Scandinavia has had a huge impact, I reflect everything I see on my roots in Finland: how things are done here and how asthetics and everything vary when you’re on the other side of the world. Pure nature, freedom and safety are something that are great to build your life on, and you realize how lucky we are in Finland, even more when you live abroad for a while. 
8.     What does “Scandinavian wellbeing” mean to you? 
To me it means green living, having balance with nature & your surroundings and balancing your own energies. Fresh air, walking in nature, organic beauty products and organic food, as well as pure water are really important sources for one’s wellbeing, not only in Scandinavia but all over the world. We’re lucky to have it all here in Finland.


Emmi´s art exhibition at Marski by Scandic (Helsinki, Finland) 9/9-31/10/2020