Winter skin tips: cleansing

Winter can be very harsh on your skin, so you don´t want to make the things even worse by stripping the epidermis of its natural oils by using too strong cleansers and exfoliators. Traditional cleansers can irritate the skin, cause excessive dryness, exacerbate acne and ultimately result in the skin overproducing oil after washing.  

Many women have turned to oil cleansing as a way to gently remove makeup, soothe sensitive skin, and tame unrelenting breakouts.  

They have witnessed themselves that oils used for cleansing have healing properties. Oils have also important nutrients and other skin-boosting benefits (as long as they are non-comedogenic). An anhydrous (oil, not water-based formula) protects our own skin.



Let us introduce the game changer in cleansing routine:

Nourishing oil cleanser with Oat and Lingonberries 

Oat oil nourishes and soothes dry and sensitive skin. The anti-fungal properties in oat oil helps to cleanse the sensitive and damaged skin, and also helps to reduce inflammation and seriously calm itching. Oats have incredible antioxidant benefits, which make them pretty amazing as an anti-aging moisturizer.

 Lingonberry seed oil has known to reduce wrinkles and increase skin hydration and elasticity. Berries contain polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. Vitamins B and C, minerals, steroils and fatty acids are all in this amazing berry. Fatty acids improve the appearance of the skin and they speed up wound healing and reduce water loss through the skin promoting a more moist, less dry skin.

Sterols reduce redness and skin sensitivity, promote tissue regeneration, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Lingonberries has also said to have skin lightening effect, helping to reduce the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation and age spots. Lingonberry seed oil promote a healthy, moist, glowing skin! 

Note: Oils used in our Nourishing Oil Cleanser are noncomedogenic (meaning they won’t clog your pores)



"I´m obsessed. I am a huge fan of Henua, especially the oil cleanser and body lotion!" Suki Waterhouse.



How to:

Shake before use. Apply a generous amount (approx. 1 tsp) of Nourishing Oil Cleanser to dry skin (with dry hands). Massage it to your skin to remove dirt and makeup. Then remove the excess oil with clean tissue and follow with a warm and damp face cloth (a smooth, soft washcloth is best). Place a clean washcloth under hot water and wring it out. Use the washcloth to gently remove any residual oil.  

Your skin will feel cleansed, supple and soft.