The magic of Henua is that the ingredients contained in our products are not only a gift to your skin but also to your taste buds. We are thrilled to unveil our new recipe perfect for summer: the Henua Nordic Elixir.

Beyond being delicious and refreshing, this mocktail will delight not only your mouth but also your skin.

Indeed the combination of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals contained in sea buckthorn, lingonberry and birch sap water will provide all the nutrients your skin needs for an everlasting summer glow, enhancing skin rejuvenation and moisture. And moreover, beyond skincare alone, these ingredients offer a multitude of benefits for your overall health, on digestion and the immune system for instance.

So what could be better than harmonizing both physical and mental well-being by indulging yourself a delightful moment with the Henua Mocktail

(Note: the recipe is written for a ½ liter serving size.)


½ oz // 15ml of sea buckthorn juice
35 gr of fresh lingonberry
¼ lime
3 oz // 1dl of birch sap water
½ tsp of honey
Fresh mint leaves (approximatively 3 branches)
Sparkling water
A hint of love


In a shaker, combine lingonberry and mint to gently muddle them.
Add the honey, lime juice, birch sap water and fill with ice.
Shake the mixture for a few seconds.
Use a strainer, coffee filter or shaker’s built-in filter to strain the mixture into a glass.
Pour the sea buckthorn juice through a filter as well in the mixture.
Fill the glass with sparkling water.
Let your creativity flow to decorate the mocktail.
And it’s time to enjoy it while basking in the sun (without forgetting to protect your skin first)!

Optional late-night variation:

If you are feeling life unleashing your wild side, you can add 2 oz //0.5 dl of vodka/gin.