Henua teams up with powerful Grace

Exciting announcement!⁠
Henua has teamed up with Powerful Grace Club.

⁠Powerful Grace will be introducing their very first virtual classes of… FACE YOGA! ⁠

Every Saturday morning you can join them for 30 minutes of pure relaxation with their skin therapist Dana Vronska and learn how to look and feel amazing through simple rituals and accessible self-care routines. ⁠
Dana will be using HENUA products on her classes!⁠

Use code: PGXHENUA30 to get 30% off of monthly memberships at Powerful Grace.


Powerful Grace is an online platform dedicated to self care and wellness. Born in Stockholm but raised worldwide, Powerful Grace wants to affirm itself as a revolutionary open space for everyone to enjoy and take care of their body, mind and soul, freely.

It all started when the two founders Vanessa and Annalisa realized that, although it was pretty obvious that taking care of our well-being have a huge beneficial impact not only on ourselves but also on the people around us, most of their friends and colleague would simply avoid doing it because they’d feel uncomfortable in their body and judge for their “not so perfect” appearance.

Powerful Grace wants to challenge this habit and create an inclusive platform where everyone feels accepted in their own skin and can take care of themselves without judgement, and make sure that taking time “off” becomes part of their daily routine, like brushing their teeth! 

Powerful Grace encourages everyone to prioritize their self care by offering live virtual classes for both body and mind. 

In order to be able to fit even in the busiest schedule, with their monthly membership, Powerful Grace offers the chance to rewatch their live classes and access to a whole range of content dedicated to nutrition, self empowerment, mindfulness, lifestyle and beauty.